Adult Bible Classes at Faith - Sundays @ 10am

  • THeater Auditorium

    Teacher: Pastor Bedwell, Ages 30's - 70's; Weekly Meeting - Sundays 10am

    This class is a great place for Bible study and Christian fellowship. Members range anywhere from ages in the mid 30's up to those in their 70's. You will find a warm atmosphere where you can learn doctrine as well as practical application through studies in both the Old and New Testaments.


    Pictured here with his wife Cindy, Pastor Barry Bedwell is the teacher and has been so for the last ten years. We invite you to check us out and join us as we seek to understand the revelation that God has given to us through His written word, the Bible.

  • Classroom

    Teacher: Pastor Emeritus Dr. Don Gregory, Mid to Upper Agers; Sundays 10am

    This class is taught by Pastor Emeritus, Dr. Don Gregory who you see pictured here. He and his wife Joyce started Faith Baptist Church over 50 yrs. ago and are still actively involved with many ministries in the church. This class is a friendly group of mid to upper agers who faithfully attend and enjoy each other with several activities and potlucks every month.

  • Studio Room

    Teacher: Randy Post; Seniors; Weekly Meeting - Sundays 10am

    Our class is made up of friendly & loving mature adults. The Word of God is taught verse by verse with reverence and godly fear. The class goal is for each of us to grow deeper in our relationship with Christ so that others may see Jesus in us. 

    We meet every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., come early and enjoy friendly fellowship while listening to gospel music and enjoying coffee or tea.

  • Meeting in the Human Services Building

    Teacher: Dan Bewley, Young Adults; Weekly Meeting - Sundays 10am

    Young adults from college through early 30's who are looking to deepen their relationship with Christ, gain Biblical tools to live by, and fellowship with other Christians, this class is for you! Come meet our teacher Bro. Dan and his wife Beth, both pictured here.

    This is a warm, friendly, and dynamic environment, where young adults come together to search God's Word for answers to life's real questions. Come join us Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.